One Silver Gas Station. 

Will be shown at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 30th October 2014

Lessons Of Darkness - Werner Herzog (1992) 

Too Late To Talk To Billy.

Graham Reid’s Billy trilogy. The first play Too Late to Talk to Billy, set in 1977 in the Donegall Road area of Belfast, where the author grew up, introduced the Martin family. The Martins were a working class protestant family living in a bleak council house and caught in such a web of poverty, violence, alcoholism, disease and disillusionment that sheer survival required a constant struggle.

Play for Today : The Spongers 1978 

Excellent film that is as relevant today as it was in 1978, before I was born. The film shows the struggle of the main character Pauline -her husband has left her debt ridden with four children to feed.


Crushing Strength

Documentation of mid century concrete structure, pattern and tiled mosaic work
Crushing Strength touches upon the late 1950’s ambitious architectural vision for the Northeast, obsession with space travel and finding escapism through our architectural surroundings

Tyne and Wear Metro: Clocking Up The Kilometres (1989) (Nexus Videos)

Metro - The Way Ahead (Nexus Videos)

When The Boat Comes In - Alex Glasgow Signing in Dialect with the British Pathe short film showing North East Fishermen at work.  

The Black Stuff : Play for Today, BBC Screen Play written by Alan Bleasdale which lead to the acclaimed series Boys from the Black Stuff